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Through innovation, imagination, and passion, Level Up Solar is helping define the solar energy revolution with infrastructure and solutions that create value and transform business.

Incorporating solar panels on a farm represents a significant leap toward achieving energy sustainability. Level Up Solar is dedicated to providing Southern Alberta farmers with access to solar energy. Our systems are designed to cater to the unique requirements of each farm, ranging from heating watering bowls to powering harvest equipment, all while promoting a healthy and eco-friendly environment for your land.

Drivingthe solar energy revolution

Your farm will not only result in lower operating costs and energy independence but will also reduce your carbon footprint, positioning your company as an eco-responsible agricultural leader. With Level Up Solar expertise, you can be assured of a reliable and sustainable source of energy that empowers your agricultural practices while securing your future.



The Advantages of Rural/Farm Solar Energy

Safeguard Against Inflation

Be energy independent by securing your energy expenses for 25 years or more, and sell your excess solar production back to the grid.

Increase Property Value

Businesses that have lower expenses and higher profits command higher prices from business owners, consequently resulting in increased property value.

Government Incentives

A multitude of government incentives exists to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective transition to solar energy.

Generate Passive Income and Power up Your Home

What a concept to earn passive income while providing power to your Farm, and when your over-producing electricity sends it back to the electrical grid and gets paid. This concept will protect you from inflation and you can be energy independent.  


Monitor Your Solar System Through a Computer or Smart Phone

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Rural & Farm Solar Incentives

Both the Federal and Provincial governments extend incentives to commercial entities to encourage investment in solar power. Presently, the Federal government provides a tax incentive to businesses that permit the full depreciation of the system cost in the first year against taxable income, thereby lowering the cost of commercial solar panels and expediting the reimbursement process.

In the 2022 Fall Economic Statement, the federal government of Canada introduced the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to incentivize clean technologies, including solar PV, battery storage, and hydrogen. This initiative aims to boost the nation’s competitiveness by attracting more investors and leveling the playing field with the United States, which recently enacted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Starting from the 2023 budget and extending until 2030, the ITC provides a refundable incentive of up to 30% of the capital investment cost and promotes the transition to net-zero energy. Eligible investments comprise solar and wind power, storage, zero-emission technologies such as electric vehicles, and clean hydrogen.

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