How Solar Works

What Is Solar Energy?

The original solar panel, and source of virtually all organic energy in the world, are plants. And like plants, in the solar PV process, photons from the sun are used to “excite” electrons that are then whisked away to either a battery or a power load.


How Does Solar Work?

Once solar energy has been converted to electrical energy, there are just a few more steps required before you can use that power. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4!

1. Solar Panel

The silicon cells convert light energy into electric power through the photovoltaic (PV) effect.

2. Inverter

Direct Current (DC) generated by the solar panels is run through an inverter, which converts it to the Alternating Current (AC) used in your home.

3. Electric Panel

The AC power is run to the electrical panel, where it can be distributed throughout your household.

4. Utility Meter

Any excess energy not used on your property is sent to your meter, which generates credits on your monthly power bill.

How Much Does A Solar System Cost?​

With the current record-low solar costs, there has never better time to invest in solar power. At Level Up Solar, we are here to assist you in installing a system that can produce up to 100% of the energy that you consume.

Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to determine the appropriate system size and technology for your property. We will also evaluate your eligibility for provincial or federal subsidies that can help mitigate the expenses of your installation.  

*Electricity production varies with roof angle, technology selected, shading, etc.

**System costs vary depending on the technology selected, roof vs ground mount, rebates, and other factors.

Readyto harness the power of the sun?

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